Evan Kleiman and Bill Esparza Present “A Taste of The Streets” Ricky’s Fish Taco Edition

Summer vacation is a wonderful thing. No blogging, no school, no work.

Wait, I have a job.

But it was nice for the last few months to not think about blogging. Not that I was blogging much to begin with, but it was nice nonetheless to take a break.

So what did I do during my free time? I took a lot of pictures, ate a lot of food, hung out with a lot of people, traveled, and gained weight. It was worth every pound. Just don’t tell my doctor.

And for the few readers who still have my blog in your RSS feed, or occasionally check this blog, thank you. For those that left, no thank you. I’m kidding, I still love you too.

But anyhow, it’s time to get back crackin’ here.

New York, San Francisco, and Las Vegas all have great food scenes, but there is something special about LA and this is just one example:

We did not roast nor eat this man.

But if we did, he’d be damn tasty. I’ve seen what he eats. The man pictured above, as many in the food blog/restaurant world already know, is Mister Bill Esparza. When he’s not leading intrepid explorers South of the border (Mexico, not Orange County) to explore culinary delights, he’s showing us what the deal is in and around LA. You might have seen him on Top Chef Masters, chowing down geoduck or with Andrew Zimmern, showing him around Mexico. You can find Bill’s rants and raves over at Street Gourmet LA.

Enough with Bill though. You’re here for the food and I’m here to…well, talk about food. Bill and Evan Kleiman have teamed up to do a monthly pop up at Angeli Caffe showcasing the city’s best “street foods” and this month it was Ricky’s Fish Tacos.

Most everyone, well at least those in the foodie/yelp/twitter universe, is in the know about Ricky’s Fish Tacos. And that the crux of the problem. In order for Ricky’s and others like Ricky to survive, they need to expand their clientele beyond the FYT universe. These pop ups are one way to accomplish that goal, exposing the rest of this city to the fantastic street foods that can be found all over LA.

Bill and Evan discussing food hegemony. Or just negotiating who’s going to bus tables.

So what exactly does Ricky’s Fish Tacos serve?

Ensenada Style Fish Tacos

Ensenada Style Shrimp Tacos

Why are they so good? Great batter, fried just right, light, crispy and flavorful on the first bite. It’s what Rubios and Wahoos wishes they could serve. The white sauce, salsa, everything works together and delivers. It’s what you dream a properly fried fish taco should taste like.

In addition to tacos, the advantage of being at Angeli Caffe meant that you could pair a cerveza, or in this case a michelada, with your tacos.

Evan’s Michelada: beer, fish sauce, chiles, soy sauce, and lime juice

Or if you were in the mood, a refreshing aguas fresca.

Aguas Melon: Cantaloop & Honeydew

Dinner concluded with a sundae.

Mexican Ice Cream Sundae: Ice Cream, Mexican Chocolate Sauce, and Nina’s Seeds for Spice.

This would’ve been even tastier if the chocolate sauce was warm and gooey.

All in all, a fun experience. The evening was packed and lots of folks came out to support great street food. I’m looking forward to what pops up next at Angeli Caffe.

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